Invitation – Call to Action – Monday January 2nd 2017

Ordinary citizens in Cameroon live under one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes in the world today. With this in mind and in the light of what is currently going on in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, we are calling on every Cameroonian of goodwill in Leicester, Leicestershire and the Midlands to join the worldwide protest on Monday January 2nd 2017 to denounce the corrupt and repressive regime led by Paul Biya. We are out to say to the regime in Cameroon and to the world: enough is enough!

No to thirty three years of Biya dictatorship ;
No to injustice and marginalisation;
No to ongoing police brutality against protesters;
No to torture and Rape by the police and military;
No to the killing of unarmed students, children and young people by police and military ;
No to the maiming of children and young people by the police and military;
No to arbitrary arrests and detentions of protesters;
The government should listen to the teachers and lawyers on the Anglophone problem.


Plan of the day

10 am:
all meet on Dryden street Leicester LE1 3QE

11 am :
peacefully March from the bottom of Charles street moving up and stopping briefly at the clock Tower to make our voices heard. From there we shall peacefully march through Granby street , to 60 Charles street , office of Jon Asworth MP to submit a letter asking him to back our cause. From there We shall then disperse .

NB: !

If you are heading for the protest, feel free to bring your own placards but please take a look at our key messages above.
We are not a political party; the situation in Cameroon affects every Cameroonian. If you cannot physically be on the frontline, there are things you can do: you can learn more about the issues in Cameroon, speak to your MP or sensitise others. Never be afraid to raise your voice against injustice, and know that neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim. And nothing strengthens authority so much as silence!
Thank you!

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