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June 2018

WCA Press Release -023 | 27/06/2018

The West Cameroon Association (WCA) strongly denounces the pretentious humanitarian initiative of the regime of President Paul Biya of Cameroon, intended to alleviate the suffering of displaced Anglophones in Cameroon. On 30thNovember2017,in response to those [...]

May 2018

WCA Communiqué de Presse-022 | 21/05/2018

La West Cameroon Association (WCA) répond à l'ambassadeur des États-Unis à la République du Cameroun (LRC) à la suite de sa déclaration sur l'escalade de la crise anglophone dans les régions du Sud-ouest et du [...]

WCA PressRelease-022 | 21/05/2018

The West Cameroon Association (WCA) responds to the United States Ambassador to La République du Cameroun (LRC), following his Statement on the crisis in Cameroon's English-speaking SW/NW Regions in which he accused some Cameroonians living [...]

June 2017

WCA and WCMC Press Release-002

WCA and WCMC Press Release-002 | 26/06/2017 WCA and WCMC strongly acknowledge and welcome the return of Honourable Joseph Wirba to the National Assembly of the State of La République du Cameroun (LRC). [...]

WCA et WCMC Communiqué de Presse-002

WCA et WCMC Communiqué de presse-002 | 26/06/2017 La WCA et le WCMC reconnaissent et accueillent vivement le retour de Honorable Joseph Wirba à l'Assemblée Nationale de l'Etat de La République du Cameroun [...]

WCA Press Release – 015 | 15/06/2017

WCA Press Release-015 | 15/06/2017 WCA pleads with political detainees to call off hunger strike in Kondengui Prison The West Cameroon Association(WCA)is aware that some detainees from West Cameroon, who have been incarcerated [...]