WCA Press Release-009 | 01/03/2017

WCA Press Release-009 | 01/03/2017

WCA calls for the lifting of the unlawful ban on SDF rally scheduled for 4th March 2017.

The West Cameroon Association (WCA) strongly condemns the decision by the Divisional Officer (D.O.) of Douala, Mr M. Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie, to ban the rally planned by the SDF on 4th March, 2017.

Such a rally is intended to serve as a platform for Cameroonians of all persuasions, particularly those living in Douala, to express their fundamental rights of association, freedom of expression, and hence freedom to peacefully hold a rally.

As The Republic of Cameroon (LRC) has enshrined these basic and fundamental freedoms in its constitution, such an act by the D.O. exposes the government once again as oppressive, authoritarian and intolerant.

WCA therefore views the decision by the D.O. of Douala to ban the rally organised by the SDF Regional President for Littoral, the Honourable Mr Jean Mitchel Nintcheu, a Member of Parliament, without giving any credible reasons as unlawful, an abuse of power and an act of provocation.

Accordingly, WCA calls on LRC to immediately reverse this decision to ban the rally so as not to provoke a confrontation between the people and the security forces which could lead to violence as the people are supressed from expressing their constitutional rights.

WCA is very concerned about the culture of intolerance and bad faith being perpetuated by the government as they do not present any lasting satisfactory solutions to the concerns of all the people of Cameroon, as is evidently clear with the crisis in the Anglophone region.

WCA is a collective of English-speaking Cameroonians based in Cameroon and the Diaspora.

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The West Cameroon Association,
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