WCA Press Release-025 | 06/03/2019

WCA welcomes the Abuja High Court Ruling on Sisiku Julius Ayuk TABE and others, and calls for Cameroon to comply with the court ruling and return all the individuals to Nigeria.

The West Cameroon Association (WCA) welcomes the ruling by the Federal High Court of Abuja on 1st March 2019 that the abduction and deportation from Abuja, Nigeria on 5th January 2018 to the Republic of Cameroon of Sisiku Julius Ayuk TABE and others, was a violation of their fundamental rights. WCA also welcomes the direction of the court that these individuals should be returned to Nigeria, be rehabilitated and paid compensation.

The individuals involved, including Sisiku Julius Ayuk TABE, are widely considered as significant figures in the movement seeking greater autonomy for Anglophones in Cameroon. WCA is aware that these individuals were deported to Yaoundé, Cameroon and held for over one year incommunicado and under deplorable conditions.

In light of the above, WCA calls on the governments of Nigeria and Cameroon to comply with the ruling of The Federal High Court of Abuja and implement the verdict of the court in adherence to the international treaties that they have signed up to on the treatment of refugees fleeing persecution.

In addition, WCA appeals to the African Union, The Commonwealth, United Nations, International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the international community including the USA, Russia, Canada, China, France, United Kingdom and others to invest efforts to ensure that Nigeria and Cameroon comply with and execute the verdict of the Federal High Court of Abuja. This would be a confidence building gesture that could help to de-escalate the violence in the English Speaking Regions of Cameroon, where the Government of Cameroon has been seeking to resolve the crisis through the use of force in a military campaign.

WCA is highlighting that the minority Anglophones in Cameroon have for many decades, been complaining about political, social and economic marginalisation since independence in 1961 when Southern Cameroons joined La Republique Du Cameroun in a two state federation that has since been dismantled by the majority Francophone government. This led to strike actions and civil disobedience which has turned into a violent conflict in those regions of Cameroon.

WCA appeals to the Government of Cameroon and President Paul Biya to declare a cease fire so as to create the conditions necessary for the pursuit of a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

WCA would welcome any opportunity to work with all parties to seek an honest, permanent and lasting solution that would address the root causes of this Anglophone Crisis which is adversely affecting the English Speaking minority of Cameroon.

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