WCA Think Tank Committee

The West Cameroon Association Think Tank Committees


Responsible for the education campaign to sustain and support the struggle at home
Develop strategy to educate our people at home and in diaspora about our history and the Anglophone problems.

Ways and Means to financially support our home front
Donation and Funding mechanisms
Security and accountability of financial resources.

Communication strategies with the public and other stakeholders including other groups with similar vision
Use of social media and internet
develop strategy to raise international awareness to the struggle and organise demonstrations.

To strategise, describe and document the structure of the two-state federation and make up of government.
Mechanisms and functions to ensure that with power and authority come responsibility and accountability, relationship between state governments and central government
Election process and term limits
Also to strategise on the self independence option and how the SC state government will look like including economic infrastructure assets.

Overall strategy of the WCA group.
Defines vision, mission, objectives in charge of organizing events.
Develop a unified WCA platform to recruit and educate members at home & diaspora
Establish MOU for collaboration with other diaspora groups

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