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University Of Buea Strike in Cameroon 28 Nov. 2016

Lawyers strike in Buea at Mile 1

Cameroonian police brutalising, torturing and maiming students at their hostels and residential quarters at the university of Buea November 2016

Students striking at the university of Buea November 2016

Security forces in Cameroon have descended on students at the University of Buea, in the South West province of the country, for protesting the payment of 10,000 FCFA ($20) as late registration fee.

Honourable Wirba Joseph, an elected Parliamentarian at the Cameroonian Parliament speaks eloquently on the genesis of the West Cameroonian problem within the national Cameroonian polity & vehemently condemns the atrocious brutality, violence, rape and torture of unarmed West Cameroonians.

Mr. John Ngu Foncha former Prime Minister of Southern Cameroons