WCA TT Forum Rules

Dear Member of WCA TT Forum,


The summary below explains who we are and what we stand for. Please kindly read
carefully and ensure that you are in agreement prior to or after on-boarding.

The West Cameroon Association Think Tank, (WCA TT).

Our Vision:
To promote the Self-determination of West Cameroonians based on the Anglo-Saxon heritage✔

Our Mission:

▪ To collaborate with local and international organisations of similar interests in order to
facilitate research, policy formulation, organisation and negotiations on matters affecting
the people of West Cameroon ✔

Our Objectives:

▪ To connect with all stakeholders locally and internationally, and collaborate with other
groups sharing the same vision✔

▪ To raise awareness of the issues affecting the people of West Cameroon✔
▪ To engage with all stakeholders in order to facilitate the civil resolution of the significant
concerns and aspirations of the people of West Cameroon✔

▪ We totally believe in the force of argument and not the argument of force – Right is Might
not Might is Right✔

The House 10 Points Rules ✔

1. Self serving/promotion and egoism is strongly discouraged. We believe in the wisdom of
the collective.
2. Please fully identify all numbers by contact names or footnote of the writer. Unidentified
numbers will be removed from the forum.
3. You are encouraged to present your views and join in the debate, topic or thread, and
not switch topics haphazardly or post large materials forwarded from elsewhere in the
middle of the discussion thus distracting the topic of the debate.
4. Please endeavour at all times to present accurate and authentic information including
materials forwarded into this forum. The posting should generally reflect the vision
statement and objectives of WCA TT and avoid duplicating postings.
5. Forum members who do not intend to participate in debate or contribute to any matters
of this forum will be encouraged to unsubscribe following a period of non-participation.
6. Be courteous and respectful, and keep your moderators smiling.
7. If you are replying to a particular post, please tag↖ that post in your reply so the other
members can easily follow the discussion.
8. Be prepared for your views to be subjected to intense critical thought and scrutiny as all
bad ideas will be severely crushed.
9. Please do not become sentimental if the force of your argument is neutralised by a
stronger argument.
10. Relax, have fun, be patient and control your emotions.

Deliberations :

• WCA TT has a spirit of inclusion.
• No point of view is alien, stupid or rejected without due consideration.
• We win one another with the force of our arguments.
• We believe in original thinking. We don’t engage in propaganda or instigate/encourage violence of any kind as a method of problem
• We will fiercely rebut and debunk propaganda from all quarters that seek to undermine our cause with counter arguments and facts that
expose falsehoods, misrepresentations and disingenuity.
• We started out with many points of view following the brutal attack on Anglophone lawyers, teachers, students and unarmed civilians
in West Cameroon. In the months of November and December 2016, contributors debated secession, federation, limited autonomy, the
historic heroic efforts of SCNC, SCAPO, AMBAZONIA amongst many others and individuals. Contributors dug up our history. We talked
about the roles of the United Nations, United Kingdom, France, African Union and the Diaspora.

• Our discussions have supported the campaigns on the ground like the teachers, lawyers, the Civil Anglophone Civil Society Consortium
• Various solution options to the West Cameroon issues were discussed in the forum with valid solution preferences (not exhaustive) and
• The two-state Federation is currently the preferred option by the CACSC. This does notmean that the other options are without merits.
Just that at this time, the force of arguments is on the side of a two state federation as of 1961.
• At this time, we are fully supportive of the CACSC’s view but not prescriptive.

You are welcomed to the WCA TT forum. Your constructive and critical contributions are very much appreciated.

Our most potent weapon is that we are united and organised for a single cause –

Self-determination of West Cameroonians based on the Anglo-Saxon heritage.

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