Limbe (1858–1982: formerly Victoria)

Was/is a seaside city in the South-West Region (Cameroon) of Cameroon. Victoria was founded by the British missionary Alfred Saker of the Baptist Missionary Society of London in June 1858. Due to this treaty, initially Victoria and its vicinity was not part of the new German colony Kamerun and remained under British administration. On May 7, 1886 Great Britain and Germany agreed to exchange Victoria and its vicinity for German rights at the Forcados River in Nigeria and St. Lucia in South Africa. On March 28, 1887 Victoria and its vicinity were handed over to the German administration. At the same time Swiss Presbyterian missionaries bought the land from the Baptist Missionary Society in 1887.

Victoria became British again in 1915. In 1982 Victoria was renamed by Ahmadou Ahidjo and is since then became known as Limbe.

In 2008, Limbe was the site of a cement works. The city was also host to the head office (located at Bota, Limbe) of one of Cameroon’s largest company known as the CDC. The head office was at Bota, Limbe. Limbe has the only oil refinery company SONARA in Cameroon which is administered from Douala.

Limbe also has a non-operational natural sea port which was active during the time of the British administration. Limbe, along with the rest of Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Chad, rely on all import / export activities through the port of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon..

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Limbe which is a viable tourist destination in Cameroon offers tourist attractions such as the Limbe Wildlife Center, the Limbe Botanic Garden, and an extensive and almost unique dark sand public and private beaches. Several small inns and motels: THE LK HOTEL, Atlantic Beach, Guest House, Park and Mirama, Trinity, Savoy Palms, First International Inn (Fini), etc. are available to accommodate both business and tourist guests. Mile 4, which is just outside Limbe, has a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, the perfect vantage point from which to view the famed sunsets that envelop the Atlantic Ocean, mount Cameroon and the Malabo Islands.

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