WCA Press Release-024 | 11/10/2018

WCA calls on the Constitutional Council to provide a transparent and verifiable result to the people of Cameroon on the 2018 Presidential Elections.

As stipulated in the constitution of Cameroon, the Constitutional Council has the responsibility of delivering the true outcome of Presidential Elections.

Accordingly, WCA urges the members of this Council to put the nation and its citizens first in executing its duty, notwithstanding that they were appointed by the President, H.E Paul Biya.

WCA notes that the coalition, led by Professor Maurice Kamto, indicated in a press conference held on 8th October 2018 that their own internal exit polling data shows that he expects to be given a clear mandate by the people of Cameroon.

ELECAM, in collaboration with the representatives of all the candidates, has a duty to deliver a fair election and transparent process. WCA therefore calls on ELECAm to make public the voting data from each polling station and the true tally of all the votes cast.

The Constitutional Council must ensure that the results are verifiable and document all instances of electoral irregularities that are alleged to have occurred at certain polling stations during the vote.

WCA calls on the judicial authorities of the country to investigate the circumstances that led to the impersonation of Transparency International by certain individuals from abroad in an attempt to interfere with the electoral process.

WCA urges the military and security services to be mindful that their primary duty is to protect the citizens and the state, and not any particular government or political party, especially if there are irregularities in the electoral process which could lead to widespread unrest.

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