The ONE and INDIVISIBLE Cameroon

On the 31st of December, 2016, the Head of State, President Paul Biya – said Cameroon is “ONE and INDIVISIBLE” and then respectfully asked if he could to repeat this twice in his end of year speech.

We the people of West Cameroon whole-heartedly agree with the President, and we want to even repeat this loud and clear for a third time that “Cameroon is One and Indivisible”.

We are very aware that this “One and Indivisible” phrase can often be misconstrued and in fact, has been used by some nations in the past to mean different things. In addition, we also know that metaphorically, material possessions are divisible, with the exception of the most basic form of matter such as a proton or electron which Cameroon is manifestly not. In science, every number is divisible to the nth degree, but our view of “One and Indivisible” is in the spirit of brotherliness, togetherness and freedom of expression of our humanity, which we believe the president shares.

In the Cameroon context, given her history and the turn of events over the past six decades, what West Cameroonians think of “One and Indivisible” in terms of their distinct colonial heritage is expressed here as a key pillar for the survival of Cameroon in the 21st Century.

What “One and Indivisible” is NOT and yes we agree with the president that these things must not happen;

  • No building of a Berlin style great wall between East and West Cameroon in recognition of the boundaries as of 1961.
  • The exploitation of the natural resources from West Cameroon for the sole purpose of building the economic might of East Cameroon.
  • Four decades of authoritarian rule from Yaounde, ruling by appointments from top to bottom and the practice of “State Nepotism”.
  • The dismantling of the heritage of the people of West Cameroon, denying the truth about their history and oppressing the people of West Cameroon to near slavery.
  • Denying the people of West Cameroon access to “Justice” as has been enshrined in the Common Law system, and appointing judges with no competence in the Common Law in West Cameroonian Courts.
  • Denying West Cameroonian access to full end to end education including higher Technical, Administrative and Professional education in the English Language.
  • Denying the people of West Cameroon their democratic choices: the choice to elect their own Parliament, Governors and officials to higher office so that they can be held accountable from the ballot box.

What “One and Indivisible” means and yes we agree with the president that these things should be our model of best practice;

  • The recognition of the heritage and aspiration of the people of West Cameroon in a federated arrangement to preserve and uphold their minority rights and status as was intended in the constitution of 1961.
  • The return to Cameroon of two or three generations of West Cameroonians now in exile because of a Francophone system that disenfranchises their existence and ability to gainfully contribute to the economic development of Cameroon.
  • Eradicate state nepotism and implement elections for a West Cameroon Parliament, governors and officials in higher office and appointments strictly by merit to senior and junior management roles as the best practice for the development of a modern Cameroon fit to tackle the challenges of the 21st These will be a given in a federated arrangement for Cameroon.
  • Develop a balanced economy for West Cameroon as the driving force to sustain the heritage and culture of the people of West Cameroon for the good of all Cameroonians.
  • Totally cease trying to meddle in the Common Law system in West Cameroon and allow justice to the people.
  • Ensure that English has an equal status to French in all of Cameroon and respect the heritage of West Cameroonians in Education and the Administration of West Cameroon.
  • Stop the oppression and near slavery of West Cameroonians by stopping the killings, rape, beatings, torture, summary arrests and detentions of citizens exercising their democratic rights to protest and freely associate.

We end here by saying to President Paul Biya and his regime, to treat your brother West Cameroon with respect, dignity and concern, and give us the chance to develop and fulfil our potential to be the best we can be in this “One and Indivisible” Cameroon. This dream that we the people of West Cameroon have of the true “One and Indivisible” Cameroon cannot be killed or suppressed by brute force of the Cameroonian forces or the greediness of a few powerful officials who divide and rule us, and deny us from part taking in our bountiful Cameroon.

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